I was gifted four different kinds of nipple balm before the birth of my son. Eight months later, the bond nipple balm is the only one that has a spot on my bedside table and continues to be used regularly. This is a great gift for new moms! - Catherine N. (Minneapolis, MN) 

Carlos & Amanda, founders of Baby Bonito have first hand knowledge mixing natural and organic substances to create effective products for baby & you! Tried firstly on their own baby Sula and themselves, it is time to share the goodness. - Denise R. (Kent, WA)

Lovely products. I used the baby oil on my 6 month old and it cleared up her cradle cap within a week. - Emily Z. (St. Paul, MN)

I have used almost the entire line of baby bonito care products during my pregnancy, and I absolutely love them! The grow butter helped my itchy, tight belly, and the comfort cream soothes my tender, irritated skin. Best of all, they smell so good that I feel pampered when I put them on. Knowing that they’re made with so few ingredients gives me complete confidence to use them on my body. I can’t wait to try out the bond cream and protect oil when baby arrives. - Elissa L. (St. Paul, MN)

Our 4 year old daughter has struggled with severe eczema since birth. We have tried various oils, organic and natural products. Nothing worked. We were ready to give up and pick up a prescription for a harsh steroid cream. The day I was supposed to go to the pharmacy, my husband brought home baby bonito's •comfort.•  This cream melted into our daughter's skin. She was so excited to report her skin no longer itched and burned after just one day using this healing cream. It has become a healing staple in our family for sun burn, rashes, dry patches, eczema, scars, and other skin irritations. - Joy M. (St. Paul, MN) 

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