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soak. (herbal bath tea)


an herbal bath tea to heal skin and fight fatigue.

made for mama! a powerful blend of soothing flowers and rejuvenating herbs, this bath tea targets mom's postpartum healing when used as a sitz bath after delivery. it can also be prepared to calm any of baby's skin irritations, as well as promote sleep and relaxation for tired babies and exhausted parents.

made simply with: calendula flowers*, chamomile flowers*, lavender flowers*, rosemary leaves*

*organic ingredients

size: 5 biodegradable tea sachets

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how to use: there are several ways to prepare your bath.

1. sitz bath: steep tea sachet in a 2-quart jar of hot (not boiling) water for 30 minutes or longer. fill bath tub with a few inches of water. discard sachet and add tea infusion to bathtub. add epsom salt if desired.

2. regular bath: fill bath tub with desired amount of warm water. add tea sachet to tub while water is running, if possible, directly under the stream of water from the faucet. squeeze sachet occasionally while “steeping” and add epsom salt to bath if desired. discard tea sachet before draining tub.

3. make-ahead infusion: follow instructions listed above to prepare a sitz bath tea infusion. freeze in glass jars and store until you need to prepare a bath.

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100% vegan

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