our story.

Pregnancy was the first time in my life that I became good at trusting and following my instincts. I began to follow my own intuition about what foods, exercises, and products felt gentle and safe for me during pregnancy. With that, the thought of creating a fragile, little person suddenly and radically altered what I considered safe for my skin!

My husband, Carlos, started doing his own research about all-natural ingredients that we could count on to be comforting, healing, and safe. This led to a lot of kitchen experiments over the course of 9 months, but the end result has been some trusted recipes, always made with simple, natural, and pure ingredients. Every remedy he has developed has multiple uses, so that if baby can use it, I can use it too! His joy as a first-time fat!her has evolved into 2 things: a kitchen cabinet FULL of oils, butters, herbs, and flowers to use in our products…and a passion to share with others, so that your family has access to the same gentle and safe ingredients to treat your skin.

The idea behind baby bonito is to share healing remedies from our family to yours.  

- Amanda, Carlos, and Sula

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